canine flea in-home veterinary service

Flea & Tick Prevention & Treatment

My dog doesn’t go outside, does it need preventatives? 

Just because your dog may be an inside dog, does not mean fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are outdoor insects! So even for those howling homebodies we recommend year round flea and tick and heartworm prevention. 

Does your dog go outside to potty? Then your dog goes outside! So yes! 

And dogs are not alone ! Did you know that more inside cats are positive for feline heartworm than outside cats! 

My cat doesn’t go outside, does he/she still need prevention? 

Yes! Just because your cat is an indoor cat, doesn’t mean that a mosquito or tick is an outdoor pest. With prevention being a more affordable option than treatment, and one that will save your cats life, we strongly recommend giving your feline friend year round flea and heartworm preventative. This will also help to deworm your kitty which is recommended yearly by the CDC ( Center for Disease Control ) to protect their human owners.