heartworm in-home veterinary service

Heartworm Test, Prevention, & Treatment

For preventatives, we strongly recommend year-round flea and tick as well as heartworm. We have multiple great options and you can discuss with your vet what will work best for your pup! 

When talking about prevention do not forget probiotic, omega-3, and nutritional support! These important preventatives can prevent allergies and unnecessary inflammation later in life !!!! 

Wait, I thought only dogs get heartworm?

That is a common misconception. If the animal can get bit by a mosquito then the animal can get heartworm. But unlike canine, feline heartworm is nearly an untreatable disease with cardiovascular surgery to remove the worm the only treatment option, but it is preventable! Giving your cat year-round heartworm prevention can save your kitty’s life! More indoor cats are positive every year for heartworm than outdoor cats. 

Cats do not have 9 lives when it comes to feline heartworm disease!